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□飲酒量が増える アルコールの分解には、体内の機能と時間が多く使われます。必要な臓器を動かす必要があり、血液の拍出量も多くなります。












・起床 7時〜10時: 軽い運動 緩いストレッチ

・昼食後14時〜16時: 活動的な運動・お出かけ等

・就寝 21時〜23時: 就寝3時間前に食事飲酒を終える







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It’s the trainer’s Deai, My favorite onigiri ingredient is ume seaweed.


 We have only four days left this year. How are you all doing?

Around this time of year, we have more opportunities to hang out with friends we don’t normally see and eat a lot of delicious food. This is also the time of year when the stresses of daily life can easily lead to a reactionary change in the rhythm of our lives. In this issue, we will discuss the rhythm of daily life.


《Physical Condition and Rhythm of Life》

 When you are not feeling well, the first thing you should review is your daily rhythm. When the following factors are added to your daily routine, it may become difficult to maintain a normal rhythm.

□Going to bed late

Staying in brightly lit places at night can throw off your body clock. Blue light emitted from cell phones and PC screens can also interfere with falling asleep. This also makes it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

□Eating too much

 Digestion takes time. That time requires more blood to the digestive system. However, during the day, take a nap for about 20 minutes, and at night, get ready for bed, take a bath, stretch, and relax your body.

□Increased alcohol consumption

 The decomposition of alcohol takes up a lot of time and functions in the body. The body needs to move the necessary organs and the blood flow increases.

□Wake up late

If you are a night owl, you will not wake up in the morning. If you are a night owl, you will not be able to wake up in the morning. The ideal time to wake up is between 7:00 and 10:00 am. The later you get up, the more it will affect the time you fall asleep. It is even better if you can set aside some time to get some morning sun upon waking up. Light helps reset and repair the body’s internal clock.

Lack of exercise

It does not have to be the same exercise as in your daily life. It does not have to be the same exercise as in your daily life. You can do simple stretches, walk when you go out, etc., even when you are on holiday, as a way to keep yourself healthy.


《Switch to a rhythm in your daily life》

 It is not necessary to do this exercise rigorously, so please do it loosely as a guide to the rhythm of your daily life. Please be aware of the time when you receive food and light stimuli from outside your body.

This will play a role in adjusting your body’s internal clock.

Please take a bath in the morning sun upon waking up, eat a hot meal, be active during the day, warm yourself by taking a bath, dim the lights in your room, and get a good night’s sleep!


The following is a menu of switches that can be used loosely and lightly even during the year-end and New Year’s holidays

・Wake up 7:00 – 10:00 a.m.: Light exercise, gentle stretching

・After lunch 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.: Active exercise, going out, etc.

・Finish eating and drinking 3 hours before bedtime.

*I recommend stretching before bedtime to help you relax, warm up your body, and get a good night’s sleep!


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